Teaching Jobs, Fall and Spring Semesters

This fall I am teaching Introduction to the New Testament and Christianity in Perspective: A Catholic Approach at St. John’s University in Queens, New York, as well as Faith & Critical Reason at Fordham University. Three different classes in two different boroughs–more than a hundred students!–is keeping me very busy. My Perspectives course includes several classes on the Hebrew Bible, and it was both enlightening and challenging to stretch those muscles, with classes on Genesis, Moses, the prophets, and David. When I taught the Gospel of Luke in my New Testament class this week, I had more than ever to say about the use of Isaiah in that gospel and its depiction of Jesus as a prophet. In the spring I will teach three courses again, but this time at Manhattan College, only a few minutes from my home, and at Fordham, and all the courses are in early Christianity. All this seems like progress …
In other news, this week I finished a book review for the journal Bible and Critical Theory and my revised dissertation is under peer review for publication at T&T Clark/Bloomsbury in the Library of New Testament Studies series.

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